Yale University Sued for Wrongful Death

On September 6, 2011, the parents of a murdered student filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Yale University, accusing the college of failing to protect their daughter, Annie Le, against a laboratory co-worker, who pled guilty to her murder.  According to the family's attorney, the university knew or should have known that the attacker, Raymond Clark, had demonstrated aggressive behavior and a violent propensity toward women.  The university denied the allegations, and stated that no reasonable security measures could have presented the tragedy from happening.  Le's body was found in a research lab on the day she was to be married.  Le's family contended that the college was negligent in hiring and retaining Clark for a job that gave him unsupervised access to students and staff and for negligently monitoring his activities in the lab building.  The Hollander Law Offices litigates similar claims.  Currently, we are litigating a claim of sexual abuse against Cultural Care, Inc. in federal court in Boston for failing to properly a monitor an au pair who sexually abused a host family's child.
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