Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against High Rise

The mother of a woman who was killed in a fire filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the companies that manage the building.  Shantel McCoy died on January 9 during a fire.  Ms. McCoy died when she arrived on the 12th floor by elevator.  According to the lawsuit, the Plaintiff claims that building lacked a sprinkler system.  The mother further claimed that the companies failed to warn her daughter of the fire, and allowed her to use the elevators when the companies knew it was not safe to do so.  Eugene K. Hollander handled a similar negligence matter.  In that case, the issue was whether there were operable smoke detectors to alert the residents of a fire.  My office retained an expert concerning how much time the smoke detectors would have afforded the residents of impending danger.  The evidence showed that the safety devices would have allowed the residents plenty of time to exit the burning building.  The case settled for a substantial sum before trial.