Tis the Season for Slip and Falls

With the holiday season upon us, and the weather changing, people are more likely to slip and fall on ice and snow and injure themselves.  Many people assume that if you slip and fall on someone's property that the homeowner is automatically liable.  That is not the case; rather, a property owner is only liable for injuries on snow and ice if there is an unnatural accumulation, or if the homeowner was negligent in removing the snow.  Thus, for example, a business owner can be held liable if there is runoff from a downspout which pools somewhere on the land.  Alternatively, the property owner can be held accountable if it removed the snow haphazardly.  First, and foremost, please take care this holiday season.  If, however, you fall and injure yourself on another's property, be sure to take pictures of the condition immediately which caused your injury.

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