Spotlight Movie Covers Priest Sexual Abuse Crisis in Boston

The new Open Road movie, "Spotlight," tracks the Boston Globe's coverage of the priest sexual abuse scandal in Boston.  Spotlight was the name of the investigative team of the newspaper which led the charge into breaking the story.  While it was long suspected that a handful of priests were involved in sexually abusing boys from broken homes, the reporters discovered that about 90 priests had molested hundreds of victims.  Using old church directories as one of their tools, the newspaper found that the archdiocese had shuttled many priests around from parish to parish, using various terms of sick leave to describe their absence from a particular church.  While many priests who were not accused of molesting children served seven years or more at a particular parish, those who were named as abusers, served a far shorter stint, usually two to three years.  Ultimately, the trail led up to Cardinal Law, who knew that a number of priests were involved in molesting children, but did not remove them from ministry.  Cardinal Law ultimately resigned from the Archdiocese of Boston. The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander currently represents an alleged victim of Daniel McCormack, a laicized priest from the Archdiocese of Chicago.  McCormack has been accused of sexually assaulting many young boys from the west side of Chicago.  There are currently about 15 pending cases against the Archdiocese of Chicago involving McCormack claims.  McCormack pled guilty to sexually abusing five children. Hollander currently has a pending motion seeking punitive damages against the Archdiocese of Chicago for their failure to remove McCormack from ministry, based upon what knowledge they had at the time.  A ruling is expected in December, 2015.

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