Price Is Right Model Brings Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A former model who worked on the TV game show, "The Price Is Right," alleges that she was sexually harassed by producers and later terminated.  In her lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Lanisha Cole contends that during the first six years of her employment until December, 2009.  At that time, one of the producers began treating her differently because he was having a relationship with anohter model employed by the show.  Cole complained about her treatment, and later, after missing a day of work because of a family commitment, she was told that she would not be able to work.  Our office routinely handles sexual harassment lawsuits involving a hostile work enviornment.  In those cases, the Plaintiff must establish that the harassment was objectionable both on an objective and subjective basis.  Thus, not every untoward remark or action will rise to the level of sexual harassment.
Categories: Employment Law