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Construction Accident and Workplace Injury Litigation

Do You Have a Third Party Claim for Damages?

You cannot sue your employer or a co-worker for on-the-job injuries. However, another contractor or subcontractor working on a construction site may be held liable if they made a mistake which injured you. The manufacturer of defective machinery or equipment can be held to pay for your losses if their negligence caused your workplace injury. You can still sue a careless driver who rear-ended your truck while you were working.

The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander of Chicago, Illinois represents injured workers in third party claims in personal injury litigation. We have a demonstrated record of success and the resources to pursue full compensation for serious injury or wrongful death:

  • Construction accidents — falls, collapsing equipment, cave-ins, power tool injuries, heavy equipment injuries, electrocution / electric burns
  • Industrial accidents — machinery accidents, severed limbs or fingers, fires and explosions

Trial lawyer Gene Hollander secured a $3.5 million structured settlement for a worker badly burned over 60 percent of his body when a fence he was installing hit live overhead power lines. It was the largest recovery in Cook County history for a burn victim over age 50. Read more. . .

Third Party Negligence in Workplace Accidents

Even in the case of catastrophic injury or fatality, most employees (or their survivors) are limited to worker’s compensation. These disability benefits are limited, and do not compensate for pain, suffering, or profound personal loss.

The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander investigates the cause of the injury to determine if there is an actionable and viable claim for:

  • Product liability against a manufacturer, designer, or distributor of defective machines, vehicles, tools, equipment, or materials involved in an accident at the construction site or factory; and
  • Negligence against a property owner, contractor, or other party not in the line of employment for improperly assembled equipment, volatile chemicals, live electrical wires, OSHA safety violations, intentional conduct, or unsafe work practices.

The statute of limitations for workplace injury claims is two years from the date of the accident. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible enables us to preserve and inspect evidence and interview witnesses to support your claim. Our firm has access to product engineers, workplace safety specialists, accident reconstructionists and other experts to establish liability in pursuit of damages from the responsible party.

Contact proven Chicago injury lawyers with experience in these debilitating accidents. We can promise an honest legal opinion in your free case evaluation, and aggressive representation if we take on your case. Call our Chicago office today at (312) 425-9100 or visit our contact page. We can come to you.