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When the Professionals Betray Your Trust. . .

Professional Malpractice Lawsuits in Cook County and the Chicago Area

When licensed professionals make serious mistakes, they face more than administrative and peer sanctions for their negligence or misdeeds. They can also be held liable for monetary damages by the victims of their incompetence or fraud. With wide experience in professional malpractice litigation, theLaw Offices of Eugene K. Hollander can ably fight for justice on your behalf.

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Our firm represents people throughout the greater Chicagoland area who have suffered economic harm, physical injury, or emotional distress because of the actions or negligence of professionals:

Lawyer malpractice — The most common scenario is a lawyer failing to file documents with the court, particularly missing filing deadlines to bring a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires. Legal malpractice can also include misappropriation of settlement proceeds, undisclosed conflicts of interests, and incompetent legal counsel. The plaintiff must show an economic loss and prove that they would have prevailed in the underlying legal case but for the malpractice.

Doctor malpracticeSee our Medical Negligence page

Dental malpractice — Damage to teeth, disfigurement, anesthesia errors, or other irreparable harm from non-standard care or botched work.

Psychiatric malpractice — The psychiatrist assaults a patient or provides inappropriate counsel or treatment.

Clergy abuse — We have handled several cases involving sexual abuse by priests.

Professional malpractice — Our firm can bring a claim against any professional (accountants, teachers, architects, chiropractors) whose conduct or services caused harm or financial loss.

The threshold of proof is high, but the Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander has access to experts in many fields who can corroborate that the client received services or care outside of the accepted standards of practice for that profession. Gene Hollander has practiced personal injury law for 20-plus years in Illinois and has taken more than 100 cases to trial.

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