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Many product liability personal injury claims are related to burns. When products cause injuries, illness, or death through burn accidents, the results can ruin lives. In 2013, records from the US Vital Statistics reported 450,000 burn injuries that required treatment.

Burn accidents may be the result of household negligence, such as a pot of boiling water left in reach of a small child. Others result from malfunctioning or poorly constructed products. Burns resulting in injuries often occur in the workplace, when heavy equipment malfunctions.

The resulting injuries can lead to permanent skin damage and scarring and complications from infections during the healing process. Burn injury cases are rarely straightforward. They require the expertise of personal injury attorneys who understand the laws surrounding liability in a variety of settings and under many different circumstances.

At The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander, we fight hard for our clients who experience injuries associated with burn accidents. Our team of legal experts works passionately to provide legal representation in all aspects of a burn case and to secure the compensation necessary for you to heal and get back to your life.

Product Liability Claims and Burn Injuries

All burn injury cases are different. Common causes of burn injuries include car accidents, hazardous workplace explosions, industrial product accidents, scalding water accidents, and flammable product accidents.

The circumstances surrounding the accident, product involvement, and personal accountability all play into case evaluations. Often, an employer, business owner, or other party is liable for burn injuries caused by hazardous conditions.

The location where an injury occurs is just as important as the circumstances. The laws that govern product liability are complex, and a defendant may be found partially or wholly at fault in a given claim. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander work with each client individually to develop a comprehensive view of the accident and any potential liability claims.

There are often multiple factors at play that will determine your attorney’s strategy to secure compensation. By focusing on a personalized relationship between attorneys and clients, our firm excels at providing successful outcomes for each victim who contacts us for representation.

Many times, a case can be resolved outside of court in the form of a settlement. Our firm always prepares for trial to ensure our readiness and ability to fight for your rights in a timely and effective manner. When negotiating a settlement, our attorneys carefully prepare client cases so that the evidence reflects an accurate and complete picture of burn injury and any life altering effects.

Consulting with an attorney is the best choice for those considering a product liability claim. These claims are incredibly complicated and clients who are facing large companies benefit from having an experienced legal team on their side.

Chicago Burn Injury Lawyer | EKH Law

Burn injuries often cause significant amounts of pain and can leave victims disfigured, facing permanent chronic pain, and a decreased quality of life. Emotional distress and psychological trauma can be just as impactful as the physical side of injury.

Allow our team of compassionate attorneys to help you through a difficult time with high quality legal representation focused entirely on your needs and wishes. When you are facing surmounting medical bills and an uncertain future because of a burn injury, our attorneys can help you create an action plan focused on fighting for your rights to fair compensation.

The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander will act swiftly to ensure that you get what you need when burned because of a faulty product, someone’s negligence, or an intentional act. Contact our Chicago office today and let us evaluate your case and give you the most experienced representation.