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The birth of a child is a momentous event. Unfortunately, malpractice in the delivery room can turn what should be a wonderful occasion into a lifelong tragedy, as a birth injury can lead to permanent problems such as cerebral palsy and other defects, orthopedic problems, as well as a lifetime of emotional distress and financial burdens for the entire family. A birth injury attorney from The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander can give you the experience you need in handling birth injury cases, and know what it takes to bring these cases to a successful conclusion.

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Because birth injury cases can be very complex, you need an experienced and aggressive birth injury attorney to successfully handle them. A birth injury attorney from The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander has the necessary experience to assist you in prosecuting your case. The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander’s attorneys are not afraid to take negligent doctors and hospitals to trial if one of our clients has been injured. Accordingly, if your child or the child of someone you know has sustained birth injuries, or if you have any questions on this topic, contact a birth injury attorney from The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander for a free initial consultation.

We can help where there is medical negligence.

There are several causes of birth related injuries. A doctor’s failure to provide quality pre-natal care or the prescribing of medications harmful to the unborn fetus can lead to many injuries. Additionally, during the delivery, the doctor’s improper use of forceps, suction and other instruments and techniques can cause trauma and serious brain injuries. Also, delays in performing a caesarean section can also result in injuries.

The permanent damage and lifelong problems will continue to cost a family for the rest of their child’s life. An affected child may need continual, specialized medical care and treatment. He or she may require an at-home nurse or support person as well as continuing visits to a physical therapist, counselor or trainer. Some children may need to live in special facilities or require private schooling. That’s why a proper settlement is so important. The settlement money can be used to provide for these children throughout their lives.

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