Philadelphia Jury Debates Criminal Case of Monsignor Lynn

A Philadelphia criminal court jury has the case of Monsignor William Lynn.  The State of Pennsylvania has charged the church official of covering up allegations of priest sexual abuse and shuffling offending priests to other parishes.  The evidence at trial disclosed that Lynn compiled a list of 35 priests who had either been convicted or accused of sexually abusing minors.  According to testimony, Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua ordered that the list be destroyed.  If convicted, Lynn faces a sentence of 10 to 21 years.  Understandably, the case has reopened old wounds.  According to the US Conference of Bishops, there have been more than 6,100 priests accused of sexual abuse since 1950.  There have been more than 16,000 victims of sexual molestation.  It has also been reported that between settlements and payments to therapists, the cost has been $2.5 billion.