Missouri Parents File Suit Against Priest and Diocese Over Son’s Suicide

A Missouri couple has filed a lawsuit against a Catholic diocese and a retired priest, alleging that their son's 1983 suicide was the result of repeated sexual abuse by the priest.  The lawsuit names the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph and seeks damages as a result of the death of Brian Teeman who shot himself at the age of 14.  According to the allegations of the lawsuit, Teeman suffered from sexual abuse at the hands of the priest since age 11.  The diocese has faced many lawsuits in recent years for sexual abuse claims.  The diocese acknowledged that in 1983, it received a complaint about the priest committing sexual misconduct with a teenage boy.  The priest has been named as a defendant in multiple lawsuits.  It is unclear how the Plaintiffs may survive a motion to dismiss the claim based upon statute of limitations, since the suicide occurred nearly 30 years ago.  The parents may be relying upon a fraud theory to toll the statute of limitations and argue that the archdiocese suppressed information and did not share it with parishioners.