Local Boy Scout Victim Describes Fear Pain and Shame

This blog recently detailed the release of secret files maintained by the Boy Scouts of America, which were also known as the "perversion files."  The files contained information regarding the sexual abuse perpetrated by scout leaders upon young scouts.  A recently lawsuit by a former scout in DuPage County against the Boy Scouts claims that he was sexually molested, causing him to quit the troop.  The man, now 43, claims that he was repeatedly sexually assaulted.  The man filed suit in 2011, claiming that the organization was negligent in supervising the scoutmaster.  The man in the DuPage County case claims that he repressed the memories of the abuse until 2010.  Recent case law from the Illinois Supreme Court would bar the claim due to the statute of limitations unless the man could demonstrate that the Boy Scouts acted fraudulently, for instance in hiding the scoutmaster's background, or if he repressed or suppressed the memories of sexual molestation.  The scoutmaster identified in the lawsuit, Gary L. Monroe, was prosecuted in a similar sexual abuse case, for which he is serving prison time in Wisconsin.  In 1989, Monroe was required to register as a sex offender in Illinois.  We expect that many more local claims will be filed against the Boy Scouts of America.
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