Illinois Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case of Blogging Juror

As the world continues to move into the blagoshpere, attorneys continue to face unique issues.  One involved the case of the blogging juror.  In 2009, a Cook County jury returned a $4.75 million verdict in a wrongful death involving a Metra train which struck and killed Scott Eskew.  His widow sued the common carrier and BNSF Railway Co. alleging negligence.  Post-trial, the Defendants contended that a juror committed misconduct by blogging about the case during the trial.  The Defendants asked the trial judge to conduct an investigation, but the court declined the request.  The Defendants then appealed, but in October, 2011, the reviewing court upheld the verdict.  The appellate court held that nothing in the juror's blog demonstrated that the jury was influenced by outside influences.  The Defendants then filed a Petition for Leave to Appeal with the Illinois Supreme Court, but the high court refused to take the case.  Jurors are now instructed not to write about their jury service on the Internet as long as they are involved in the case.