Hollander Law Offices Seeks Punitive Damages Against Archdiocese of Chicago

In a rare hearing, Eugene K. Hollander, representing an alleged sexual abuse victim of defrocked priest Daniel J. McCormack, argued a motion in the Circuit Court of Cook County yesterday, seeking to impose punitive damages against the Archdiocese of Chicago.  The former priest is alleged to have sexually assaulted Hollander's client when the victim attended St. Agatha's school in September, 2000.  At the hearing, Hollander argued that there were warning bells that the Archdiocese of Chicago ignored during his seminary days both at Niles College and the Mundelein Seminary.  Hollander argued that had the officials at Mundelein Seminary taken proper action, they would have expelled McCormack before he became ordained a priest in 1994.  Hollander also argued that the pastor at McCormack's initial assignment at St. Ailbe's was not provided all of McCormack's background information, and had he learned of certain key events, he would have prevented him from coming to his parish.  We expect a ruling on this motion by early next week.  The case is set for trial in July, 2016.

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