Hollander Law Offices Files Another Suit Against Archdiocese of Chicago for Sexual Abuse Involving Father Daniel McCormack

The Hollander Law Offices recently filed another lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Cook County on behalf of a young man who claims that he was sexually assaulted by Daniel McCormack, a laicized priest, in the mid-1990s.  The man who attended St. Ailbe's school in Chicago, claims that the now convicted priest, repeatedly sexually abused him at the school.  According to the victim, the former priest told him that the unlawful acts were okay because they were sanctioned by God.  The victim has since struggled with anger issues and substance abuse.  The lawsuit is consolidated with many other sexual assault cases before one judge for discovery purposes.  Though we expect the litigation to take some time, a number of similar claims have resolved for millions of dollars.  The Hollander Law Offices currently has four such claims pending against the Archdiocese of Chicago involving McCormack.