City of Chicago Approves $4 Million in Police Misconduct Cases

The City of Chicago approved payment of $4 million to settle several civil rights and wrongful death cases.  One case involved the Estate of Patricia Cobige.  Cobige was charged with heroin possession in 2006.  She was locked up at the Grand Central District police station.  Cobige requested that the police provide her with her medication for a heart condition, and the police allegedly refused.  Cobige was taken back to the lock-up, instead of being taken to a hospital.  She died in police custody.  A jury awarded her family $5 million.  The County approved a payment of $2.02 million to the family.  The County also approved a $1 million settlement to the family of Rafe McMullan, Jr.  McMullan was arrested for the offense of criminal trespass to property in November, 2008, only to be found dead in his cell at the Chicago Police Department's central detention unit.  If the case proceeded to trial, the Plaintiff's evidence would have been that several inmates would have testified that McMullan had been screaming in pain for some time.  Two other cases approved for settlement, included a claim that a quadriplegic was beaten up by police, and that an Iraqi war veteran was wrongfully imprisoned for two months for an armed robbery that he did not commit.