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Eugene Hollander Interviewed by Karen Conti on WGN Radio about sexual abuse cases

[uber_audio id="3" accent_color="#6b3100" second_color="#8a8a8a" playlist="0" ui="light" width="250px"]Numerous claims involving alleged sexual abuse have been featured in the headlines lately, including those involving former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, and Bill Cosby. Eugene K. Hollander,  has handled numerous sexual abuse cases against the Archdiocese of Chicago, including a recent settlement of $1.25 million involving former priest, Daniel McCormack.  On the evening of July 5, 2015, he discussed the issues of the day with fellow attorney Joseph Klest on Karen Conti’s radio program on WGN radio.    

Hollander Law Firm Releases: Guide to Protecting Children From Predators

We have recently released a guide for parents on how to protect their children from predators. We know that there are very few thing in the world that are more important that the safety of our children so we hope that this guide will help parents prepare and educate themselves and their children. We have also launched our sexual abuse law website that is full of very useful information and aimed at protecting children and helping those that have become victims to sexual predators.