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Most Dangerous Intersections in Chicago

Chicago has always been a busy city. As with most metropolitan areas, cars dart around the streets and alleys of the city trying to move quickly from one area to another. Distracted habits at intersections make some of our city’s crossings incredibly dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. While Chicago is generally considered a prime example of excellent city planning, there are some strange crossroads that present hazards to people traveling in the city. Near the end of 2014, the Active Transportation Alliance in Chicago released a list of the most dangerous intersections in the city. They looked at both metro and suburban areas to determine the 10 most dangerous intersections in each space. A six-way intersection where Milwaukee, North, and Damen Avenues meet on the North Side tops the list for the most dangerous place for pedestrians in the entire city. In suburban areas, the convergence of N. McCormick Boulevard and W. Touhy Avenue is the most dangerous crossing. The report also includes pedestrian data that may shock those who routinely travel throughout the city on foot. It highlights the fact that 84% of accidents in Illinois happen in the metro Chicago area. 78% of pedestrian accidents happen in a 125-foot radius of intersections. The report does not indicate whether the increased danger at intersections is due to distracted driving, pedestrian negligence, or other factors, but does project a need for increased caution for motorists and pedestrians moving through the areas. According to the Chicago Tribune, an Alliance campaign director has cited simple fixes, like better crosswalk signals, as possible solutions for the intersection danger. As a result of the study, an effort called Safe Crossings launched with the goal of increasing intersection danger awareness and improving the pedestrian experience throughout the city. Other metro intersections listed in the study include: N. Cicero Avenue and W. Chicago Avenue N. Halsted Street, N. Lincoln Avenue, and W. Fullerton Avenue S. Cottage Grove Avenue and E. 79th Street N. Dearborn Street and W. Ontario Street S. Ashland Avenue and W. 63rd Street Safety Tips for Avoiding an Accident  Some accidents are more avoidable than others, but using caution and common sense can prevent the majority of car accidents and make intersections in Chicago a safer place for drivers and pedestrians. Follow these tips to reduce the likelihood of being involved in a pedestrian accident: Do not cross the street while looking down at a cell phone or at your shoes. Keep your attention on the street, and look both ways even if you see the crossing light change. Do not jaywalk. Even in places where it is socially acceptable, it is still illegal and presents an additional hazard to drivers. Help elderly individuals cross the roadway. They are more likely than others to be hit in a crosswalk accident. By walking with someone, an elderly person’s overall profile is increased, making him or her more easily visible to drivers. Older individuals may also need assistance in the event of a fall in the intersection. Try to make contact with drivers. It is the only way to know for sure that you have been recognized by the driver while crossing the street. How EKH Law Can Help In the event that you are involved in a pedestrian accident at any intersection in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, contact a Chicago personal injury attorney. At Eugene K. Hollander Law Offices, we understand how pedestrian accidents affect victims. The accidents are often severe and can have life-altering impacts. Please contact our team today if you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a motor vehicle. Whether the vehicle was a privately owned car, taxi, bus, train, or any other vehicle, we are ready to help you through a difficult time and receive the compensation you deserve.

Movie Extra Settles Personal Injury Claim for $18.5 Million

A 26 year old woman who worked on the movie set of Transformers, and who was injured on set, settled her claim against with Paramount Pictures and DW Studio Productions for $18.5 million.  On September 1, 2010, Gabriela Cedillo was an extra on the set when a cable and its metal bracket broke loose from a stunt vehicle and crashed into a car that Cedillo was in, striking her head.  Cedillo has subsequently suffered from significant brain impairment.  Cedillo requires 24 hour care.  Cedillo also has a pending worker's compensation claim.

Bike Accident Victim Settles Case for $5 Million

A 75 year old man who lost part of his leg as a result of an accident with a truck driver just settled his claim for $5 million.  Paul Zanoni was riding his bicycle home from church when he was struck in an intersection in Bellwood, Illinois.  Zanoni did not stop at the crosswalk, but the truck driver did not look as he pulled out from the intersection.  As a result, the truck driver struck Zanoni and dragged him 40 feet.  Zanoni had to undergo a below the knee amputation.  One of the biggest hurdles in this case was Zanoni's comparative negligence.  Under Illinois law, if the case proceeded to trial, and a jury found in favor of Zanoni, the amount of a verdict would be reduced by the percentage of comparative fault found by the jury.  If the jury found that Zanoni was more than 50% at fault, he would recover nothing.

Illinois Supreme Court Overturns $43 Million Judgment in Wrongful Death Case

On November 22, 2011, the state high court reversed a $43 million jury verdict which was returned in Madison County, Illinois.  in 2003, John and Dora Jablonski weere driving a 1993 Lincoln Town car when they came to a stop on Interstate 270 in a construction zone in Madison County.  They were rear ended by another driver, and the Jablonski's vehicle burst into flames.  John Jablonski died, and his wife suffered burns on one third of her body.  Dora Jablonski and the Estate of John Jablonski filed a product liability suit against Ford Motor Company, arguing that the manufacturer was negligent in the positioning of the gas tank.  A jury awared $5 million to the estate, $23.1 million to Dora Jablonski and $15 million in punitive damages.  The high court reversed, reasoning that the plaintiffs did not provide sufficient evidence for the jury to conclude that Ford was negligent.

Jury Awards $23 Million In Accident Case

In an unusual twist in a personal injury trial in the Circuit Court of Cook County, a victim will actually receive $2 million more than the jury awarded him. In 2008, Juan Diaz was rear-ended by a flatbed trailer truck while driving on Interstate 94 in Northbrook, Cook County, Illinois. The accident left Diaz with no use of his lower extremities and limited use of his upper extremities. Diaz rejected multiple settlement offers prior to trial. The defense admitted liability, so the trial proceeded solely on the issue of damages. The parties entered into a $25 million to $50 million high-low agreement, insuring that Diaz would receive a minimum of the lower bracket and a maximum of $50 million post-verdict. The jury returned a verdict of $23 million, so Diaz will receive $25 million pursuant to the parties' pre-verdict agreement.