Cardinal George Provides Trial Testimony in Sexual Abuse Litigation

Last Thursday, Archbishop Cardinal George provided videotaped trial testimony in the sexual abuse cases involving former priest Daniel McCormack.  Though the Cardinal had been deposed three times before, those depositions were for discovery purposes, which are generally not admissible at trial.  This time, because of the Cardinal's health, his trial testimony was taken in advance.  Should one or more of the nineteen pending cases proceed to trial, the videotape can be shown to the jury at that time.  Mr. Hollander's first case is scheduled for trial in May, 2015.  Because of a protective order entered by the Court, the Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander cannot comment on the substance of the Cardinal's testimony at this time.  We can report, however, that the Cardinal was questioned for about 6 hours, by two of the Plaintiffs' attorneys, including Eugene K. Hollander.  Deposition testimony resumes today, June 3.