Boy Scout Victim Files Sexual Abuse Claim After Reviewing Secret Files

An Illinois man recently filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Cook County against his former Boy Scout troopmaster and the Boy Scouts of America alleging that he was sexually abused by Thomas Hacker in 1985 when he was 10 years old.  The plaintiff went online and reviewed the once secret "perversion files" after the Boy Scouts of America were ordered to release the files in an unrelated case from Oregon.  The plaintiff claimed that he "compartmentalized" the memories of abuse, making him unable to file suit until now.  Without such an allegation, a court would likely find that the plaintiff's claim was untimely due to the statute of limitations.  The plaintiff is now married with a family.  The former scoutmaster, Hacker, is serving a 100 year prison sentence for sexual molestation.  The former troopmaster told a psychiatrist that he had sexually abused more than 100 boys.  A state agency concluded that he had sexually molested 34 victims in Illinois.  While it is expected that this litigation may take time to resolve, other claims involving Hacker settled for substantial sums of money.
Categories: Personal injury