Boy Scout Files Show History of Sexual Abuse

The Los Angeles Times obtained 3,100 files regarding evidence of sexual abuse perpetrated by scoutmasters while they were affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America.  The files were provided by a Seattle attorney who has repeatedly sued the Boy Scouts for sexual molestation.  The files were opened from 1947 and 2005, and had documentation concerning biographical data, legal records, letters and scouts' accounts of alleged sexual abuse.  It was also learned that the Boy Scouts destroyed an unknown number of files over the years.  The case files demonstrated that the instances of alleged sexual abuse arose where the scoutmaster was left alone with boys - this is a practice that the Boy Scouts have long discouraged and officially prohibited since 1987.  A significant number of the cases arose outside of official scouting activities.  In more than 50 situations, Scoutmasters abused more than 10 boys before they were expelled.  According to certain sources, the Boy Scouts were advised in the 1990s to look for patterns of sexual abuse, but the recommendation was ignored.  We expect that due to the release of these files, more claims alleging sexual molestation will be filed against the Boy Scouts.
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