Boy Scout Files Demonstrate 39 Alleged Cases of Sexual Abuse in Chicago Area

We previously reported on this blog that the Los Angeles Times obtained the "perversion files" which the Boy Scouts of America maintained regarding alleged sexual abuse perpetrated by scoutmasters upon young scouts.  The files were released pursuant to an order of the Oregon Supreme Court from a 2010 lawsuit filed against the Boy Scouts alleging sexual abuse.  A more localized analysis of those files demonstrates that in the Chicago area, there were 39 such cases of alleged sexual molestation.  Local files show that after scouting officials were notified of potential sexual abuse claims, they let the accused volunteers leave.  In one case involving a Cicero victim, the volunteer scoutmaster was allowed to "resign," and the Boy Scouts did not contact the police.  The files also show that in instances where the scoutmaster was accused of sexual abuse, the Boy Scouts let the leader continue to volunteer.  In one case, a scout leader was accused by seven boys of sexual abuse.  The organization concluded that the boys may have provoked the scoutmaster's actions, but nonetheless, temporarily banned the leader from volunteering.  A number of years later, however, the Boy Scouts let the scoutmaster back in 1981 in the Spring Grove area.  In 1984, he was accused of having sexual contact with a boy.  The volunteer was accused in another case of sexual abuse and was convicted.  He has since died.
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