Bike Accident Victim Settles Case for $5 Million

A 75 year old man who lost part of his leg as a result of an accident with a truck driver just settled his claim for $5 million.  Paul Zanoni was riding his bicycle home from church when he was struck in an intersection in Bellwood, Illinois.  Zanoni did not stop at the crosswalk, but the truck driver did not look as he pulled out from the intersection.  As a result, the truck driver struck Zanoni and dragged him 40 feet.  Zanoni had to undergo a below the knee amputation.  One of the biggest hurdles in this case was Zanoni's comparative negligence.  Under Illinois law, if the case proceeded to trial, and a jury found in favor of Zanoni, the amount of a verdict would be reduced by the percentage of comparative fault found by the jury.  If the jury found that Zanoni was more than 50% at fault, he would recover nothing.