Five Former Altar Boys Settle Sexual Abuse Claims With Trenton Archdiocese

Five former altar boys who claim that a priest sexually abused them in the 1970s and 1980s have reached a settlement with the Archdiocese of Trenton, New Jersey for $1 million.  The Archdiocese of Trenton announced that the Plaintiffs' allegations of sexual abuse were credible.  The victims claimed that they were sexually assaulted between the ages of 11 to 16 by the priest.  One of the victims claimed that he was sexually assaulted 150 times.  Another one of the victims says he does not consider himself Catholic anymore.  When the first complaint came forward about the sexual abuse, the church removed the priest from ministry, according to the Archdiocese.  In 2002, the priest was defrocked.  The Archdiocese declined to issue an apology for what the priest allegedly did.  The Law Offices of Eugene K. Hollander has handled a number of sexual abuse claims against the Archdiocese of Chicago, including Father Joseph Fitzharris.