Accused Joliet Priest Attempts to Take His Life

A Joliet mother called the Diocese of Joliet to complain about the relationship between newly ordained priest Alejandro Flores and her younger son.  A few days later, the priest was found amidst toppled pews at St. Mary's Carmelite Church in Joliet.  In an apparant suicide attempt, Flores allegedly leaped 20 feet from the choir loft to the ground.  Flores was supposed to meet with authorities that morning to discuss the allegations.  Following the mother's complaint of sexual abuse, church authorities removed Flores from having any contact with children.  A Chicago Tribune examination revealed that at least three supervisors found Flores alone with the mother's children before he was ordained.  The newspaper also discovered that Flores was sent for psychological treatment and evaluation at least twice after he admitted viewing pornography on a church computer.  Flores is currently serving a four year prison term for criminal sexual assault.  When Flores pled guilty, he acknowledged abusing the youngest boy from 2005 to 2010.  Flores' conduct was apparently so disturing, that several parishioners complained to church authorities.  Flores was assigned to St. Mary Parish of West Chicago.  Critics claim that the Joliet Diocese did not investigate Flores promptly enough, and that the abuse could have been avoided or limited.